The Different Kinds Of Mortgages Available In Canada

When it comes to mortgages in Canada, there are quite a few to choose from. If you’re a Canadian or planning to move to Canada, then you may be wondering what the different types of mortgages available are. Read on to learn about the various kinds of mortgages available in Canada.

  1. Conventional Mortgage

    This type of mortgage is also known as a traditional mortgage, usually purchased from a commercial mortgage broker. If you can come up with a down payment of 20% of the home’s sale price, then you can apply for this type of mortgage. Keep in mind you may be required to get homeowner’s insurance, but this really depends on the company you receive financing from. Many people don’t have 20% to put down on a home, but that’s ok because there are other options they may be interested in.

  2. Variable Rate Mortgage

    300-mortgage-applicationA variable rate mortgage means that when the market changes, your mortgage rates will change too, but at the beginning of your mortgage, the lender will calculate your payments. This will include the principal and any interest, and the payments will stay the same unless the market changes. There are pros and cons of getting this kind of mortgage, such as you may end up paying more on interest when the market changes and experiences an increase in interest rates. Nonetheless, this type of mortgage is still one of the most popular choices among Canadians.

  3. Capped Rate

    Capped rate mortgages come with variable rates, but the lender puts a cap on it. What this means is that your rates will fluctuate with the market, but the lender will cap you off at a certain rate. In other words, you won’t pay above their cap, but it is worth pointing that if you decide to pay your entire mortgage off in full, then you could be hit with a penalty fee. The amount you’ll pay depends on the lender you chose to get your mortgage with.

  4. Open Mortgages

    Open mortgages are also available to Canadians, and these mortgages allow homeowners to pay their mortgage off completely or in part, all without having to worry about being hit with penalties. The term lengths will usually range from six months to a year, and interest rates on them may be a bit high. This is especially if you compare them with closed mortgages, but the terms of both mortgages are relatively the same.

  5. Reverse Mortgage

    mortgage-ratesThis type of mortgage is designed for those who have equity in their homes, and if you have equity in your home, then you can transfer it into cash value. During the process of getting a reverse mortgage, you won’t have to sell your home, nor will you be required to leave it, but you do have to be at least 62-years-old to apply for this mortgage. This is because you should have plenty of equity in your home by that age, which will also play a role in how much money you will be lent. Generally speaking, the older you are, the more money the lender will give you.

  6. Closed Mortgages

    A closed mortgage allows you to pay your mortgage off quicker. If you get a fixed rate mortgage, then you can lock your interest rate for the loan’s duration. Usually, this will result in lower interest rates.

Those are the types of mortgages available in Canada. As for which one you should apply for, that is completely up to you. Compare each type of mortgage and then you can decide which one you will benefit the most from, as well as the one you’ll have the easiest time paying.


A Divorcing Parent’s Guide To The Different Types Of Child Custody

Irrespective of the reasons for obtaining a divorce, the procedure itself can be rather complicated and stressful. Now add the custody of children the basic separation agreement and you will have additionally complex factors to take into account. To arrange the most suitable custody agreement, there are various factors to be considered about the children’s well-being and the familial situation; for example, the strength of the parent-child bond, the age of the children and the geographical location. This article will provide detailed information on the various child custody arrangements to ensure you have knowledge of how each works and whether it suits your specific criteria.

1. Temporary Child Custody

The temporary custody or short-term custody arrangement is the most common type of custody used while a child is waiting for the final custodial arrangement decision to be made. This type of custody is used to ensure that the child is cared for adequately until the final decision by a responsible adult, either one of the parents or another relative. Regulations regarding this arrangement differ from state to state; however, all states allow the custodial parent or adult to make decisions regarding the child’s well-being and welfare. In many situations, the temporary custodial status will become a permanent arrangement, but this involves assessment of the custodial parent by the judge and supports workers.

2. Legal Child Custody

The legal custody arrangement is one that provides the custodial parent or adult with the right to make decisions regarding the child’s well-being and upbringing; for example, this individual will make decisions on schooling, health care, and religious activities. The majority of areas will allow both parents to have joint legal custody of the child or children as this will allow joint responsibility for decisions on the child’s welfare; however, this can be disadvantageous as parents tend to argue and familial disputes can arise.

3. Physical Child Custody

Physical custody provides the custodial parent or adult with the right to have a child reside at their home. While some cases award a sole physical custody arrangement, it is typically recommended that joint physical custody is arranged as this is beneficial for the child. Using joint physical custody, the child will have access to both homes and can spend equal amounts of time with each parent promoting child-parent bonding. Of course, this can be difficult to maintain if parents reside far distances from one another.

4. Joint Child Custody

Joint child custody, as can be derived from the information above, is a custodial arrangement whereby the parents share decision-making rights regarding the child’s welfare and upbringing. Typically, adults with joint custody will coordinate schedules to ensure they can spend the maximum amount of time with the child and encourage child-parent bonding. This type of custodial arrangement can be beneficial because of the promotion for child-parent bonding; as well as a reduction of child-rearing stress on each parent. It can also be very disadvantageous as the setup is costly. Joint custody can be applied to physical custody, legal custody or both forms of custody.

5. Sole Child Custody

Unlike joint custody where adults share the custodial responsibilities, sole custody provides the responsibilities and rights to a single parent. In this case, the non-custodial parent has an option to visit the child but only as agreed to by the custodial parent and child. This option is typically awarded in divorce cases where there has been evidence of harm by one parent to the child; therefore, placing the child in the parent’s custody may be considered a risk of harm.

This type of custody can be beneficial in protecting the child from danger; however, it does have several disadvantages. One disadvantage is the possibility of a child suffering emotional problems as children, particularly younger children, will blame themselves for the absence of a parent. Furthermore, parents may experience conflict because of the limited access of one parent with the child.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various types of custodial arrangements available in the legal system. By using the information above, you will be able to decide which custodial agreement would be most suited to your and the child’s needs. You should always discuss the options with your child custody lawyers.


Understanding Black Hat SEO


If you’ve been using search engine optimization (SEO) on your website for quite a while now, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the term black hat countless times. But do you know what blackhat SEO is? How can you make sure that the techniques you’ve been using do not go beyond the line and remain with the realms of white hat SEO? In this resource, you’ll have a better understanding of black hat SEO tactics and whether you should use them on your websites.

Should You Wear A Black Hat?

Google and other search engines have their respective webmaster guidelines. For obvious reasons, these are meant to guide webmasters to follow a particular set of rules and avoid cheating the algorithms. Search engines utilize a complicated algorithm that takes into consideration hundreds of different factors. SEO experts understand that by optimizing their websites in such a way that their various elements align with the guidelines provided by Google, they can increase the organic rankings of their web pages.

Shanice Emmanuel from Coronation says, “The problem, however, is that such a practice falls under black hat SEO. This term refers to the collection of techniques that violate the terms and guidelines of Google. The tech giant regularly updates their algorithms for two big reasons. The first is to deliver the most relevant results to users. The second is to serve as a deterrent for webmasters who try to cheat the system. But even with all these updates, black hat SEO experts refuse to abandon their old ways. And it is hard to blame them given the fact that they keep finding new successes”.


Going back to the question of whether you should wear a black hat, the answer depends entirely on you. The main issue with black hat SEO is that the tactics provide great results, but they do not hold up over the long term. For this reason, you should never use such techniques when dealing with the websites of your clients. You’re was putting their entire business at risk. Not to mention, doing this is akin to lying straight to their faces.

For your websites, you have the option of using black hat techniques. But if you decide to do so, be prepared for all the consequences. It is possible for your website to get wiped out from the search index. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of setting up another site, filling it with content and optimizing it to boost organic rankings, then you’re probably better off sticking to white hat SEO.

How To Use Specific Anchor Text To Rank Your Website – Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to SEO success, very few things are as important as off-page optimization – and this mostly means building quality backlinks to your website.

However, something that cannot be overlooked is the importance of anchor text – because this tells the search engine what the link is all about. Of course, optimizing your anchor text by placing your keywords into the text has long been one of the most effective ways to boost your rankings.

But as soon as the Google Penguin algorithm update came along this all changed. Nowadays, it’s still true to say that anchor text is crucial – but you have to be very careful about how you use it to avoid tripping penalties.

These days, it’s wise to plan carefully your anchor text usage to look as natural as possible, as this will ultimately avoid tripping the disastrous penalties which can quickly destroy your search engine rankings.

So what kind of specific anchor text should you use if you want to rank your website for a particular keyword term?

Perhaps one of the best strategies to employ is to use your primary keyword anywhere from 10% to 20% of the time. Next, anywhere from 30% to 50% of your anchor text should be the ‘brand’ of your website. For example, if your company website was called ‘blue widgets dot com,’ then your branded anchor text would be the words ‘Blue Widgets’ and similar variations. With the remaining anchor text, it’s wise to use a variety of generic terms, such as ‘click here to read more’, ‘this website’, ‘a recommended link’, ‘here is a fantastic article’ and similar generic terms which are often used when people are linking to you freely, without being part of an overall SEO campaign.

While taking these steps to vary your anchor text in this way can seem quite cumbersome and convoluted, there’s no denying how important it is to avoid over-optimizing your anchor text – because Google is very sensitive to over optimization. So, with the generic links built, you can now move on to specific anchors. Let’s say you’re trying to rank for the term “Abbotsford car accident lawyer“. Now that you’ve built up “normal” anchor texts, this term will slide right in without problems.

Of course, many years ago it was possible to rank for virtually any keyword simply by building a lot of high-quality links to your website with your primary keyword as the anchor text. In fact, many websites were ranking simply by using 100% of their keywords in their anchor text! But unfortunately, those glory days are long gone, and to rank in 2016 and beyond, you will need to ensure you have a natural variation.

On a positive note, this often means you will need far fewer backlinks to make a positive impression on your search engine rankings – and you’ll also rank for a variety of other search terms that you weren’t even optimizing for as well. So while it may be harder to rank for specific keyword terms without avoiding a penalty, you’ll often find your overall traffic from the search engines will rise once Google trusts your website and sees you have a variety of high-quality backlinks which aren’t using over optimizing text.

Now that you’ve read this guide, you should have a far better understanding of how to use specific anchor text to rank your website without triggering a penalty.

Reasons Why Smart Business Owners Invest in SEO

get to number one on google

Introduction to SEO

The popularity of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for businesses is increasing by the day. Today, we see companies of all sizes opting for SEO services for the popularity of their products and services. The primary objective of any business is to earn profits by selling their goods or rendering their services. Different ways and techniques are adopted to ensure the maximum sale of their products. Marketing plays a significant role in the life of any business. If the products are well advertised to the public, then there will be many customers for the same. Therefore, it is important to market the products correctly to the prospective clients. Among different marketing tactics, SEO is the most effective one which has helped many businesses to become more popular among the general public.

Benefits of SEO

meta tags for search engine optimization

Smart business owners invest in SEO services as they have seen the actual benefits of search engine optimization. Some of the benefits of SEO are mentioned below:

  1. You can expect your business to have greater online visibility when you hire a high-quality agency to perform search engine optimization services. Every business owner wants his business name listed on the first few pages of search engines. When you hire a the best Vancouver search engine optimization expert, you can expect him to target the right keywords so that he can help turn in more clients for your business.
  2. People are of the opinion that companies that have their name listed on the first few pages of search engines are more reliable and credible. When you get search engine optimization services, then you will enjoy greater reliability and credibility for your business.
  3. Search engine optimization services allow you to learn more about your client. For example, the tracking tool called Google Analytics helps you to get an insight into the SEO performance. You will be able to learn about the search behavior of your potential customers and their location. You will also be able to know the keywords that are more popular among the prospects.
  4. SEO services significantly help to advertise your business on the World Wide Web. When the right keywords are targeted, and your business name is among the first few names on the search engine, your marketing efforts will be greatly lessened. You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars to popularize your business among interested customers. The high ranking in the search engines will serve as your company representative. You must ensure that when a prospective customer is redirected to your page, then he is welcomed by quality products and services.

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help You

5 mini seo tips

If you own a business in Phoenix or just want to have an online presence to sell products or services as a side job, most likely you will want to know how you can get your website ranked higher in the search engines. As the internet evolved over the years from hundreds of websites to millions all over the world, it is important there is a good system in place that keeps everything organized.

The organization of the internet has to do with search engines that mainly rank websites according to their popularity. There are many factors that are involved in how a website gets ranked, so popularity being one important part, but there are additional things website owners and marketers do in order to get rank higher in the search engines.

The main goal of every business online is, of course, to sell many products and be successful, but in order to do that you need to be able to attract a large audience. This means that your website must either have a high search engine ranking or you are very good at social media marketing. However, your talented social media marketing skills are what will help you gain a higher search engine ranking.

If you are a small business just starting you will want to know all about search engine optimization. You need to be able to optimize your website for the search engines, so when a person goes online to look for a product or service you sell, they have a way of finding you. But keep in mind though that many other websites are competing for those same potential customers. So how do you get your website optimized for the search engines?

You need to be up on the latest trends. What are the keywords that people use to find the things on your website? There are many software programs out there that will tell you what those latest keywords are, then it is up to you to sprinkle them throughout your website. It is also very important to have relevant information that people need and want. In other words, your website should constantly be updated with new information.

According to Shawn Black, a Phoenix SEO consultant “Social media marketing plays a huge part in search engine optimization because that is how you can use the power of a video or a posted comment to direct others to your website.”

There are many ways to excel at search engine optimization, but to be good at you must be in touch with what’s going on right now. The internet is moving a lightning fast pace and those that fall behind will find it very difficult to catch back up.

Just What Is the Google Panda Update?

google panda algorithm and seo

Google has been known for changing the game of SEO with a variety of updates on how they rank websites. Google is the number one search engine by a wide margin, claiming between 60% and 70% of the total search engine traffic that takes place online. This makes the updates Google creates extremely important, especially major ones that help to overhaul the entire system by which websites are ranked. Google Panda was the first in a series of huge modern updates that have helped to change how searches are displayed on Google.

The initial change that came to be nicknamed “Panda” took place in February of 2011. Over 12% of all search results were directly affected by these changes. In general major social and news websites received a boost while smaller sites with a lot of advertising tended to plummet in the rankings.

Google gave a blog post pointing out 23 different ranking factors that were important to them to determine if a website was “high quality” or not and they even said the largest change was the fact that they emphasized “high-quality content” and would seriously penalize any website that had poor or duplicate content. They were emphatic that even just one or two low-quality pages could make all the difference when it comes to sinking the ranking of an entire website.

  • Just a few of the important points include
  • 100% original content
  • Proper punctuation, language use, and grammar
  • Useful content
  • Great voice
  • Not having any duplicate copy

Initially, there were complaints that scrapers were ranking better than the original websites, despite Google’s emphasis on high-quality original content. This was corrected over time, but early on Google even openly asked for such examples and information from website owners to help improve the end results.

There were really minor updates added to Google Panda every single month after that initial result, with bigger yearly updates after that. While none of these were near the effect of the original update, all of these were intended to help gain the original intent of the original Panda update.

A smaller but still significant change with the Panda update was a new algorithm to help study the backlinks a website received and see if there was any sign of gaming the system. If a site was seen to be buying backlinks, they would be penalized.

Best White Hat Backlinking Techniques For SEO

white hat links for search engine optimization

There are many software programs that you can use to artificially inflate the number of backlinks that you have coming in from a variety of sources online, but this will typically backfire, leading to the possibility of not only wasting your money on techniques that do not work but also having your website the indexed. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to generate links pointing back to your website that are actually recommended by Google. Here are the best white hat backlinking techniques that are used for search engine optimization, ones that you can start implementing today.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Work

One of the easiest things for you to do if you want to start building authentic backlinks for better search engine optimization is to post articles on websites that are dedicated to your particular niche or topic. If you are able to get several articles on high PR websites that are looking for additional content, this is one of the easiest ways to get higher rankings. “Another strategy that works very well, primarily because Google and other search engines are putting a lot of emphases on social media exposure and interest is to put backlinks on Facebook pages, Twitter, and some of the other well-known social media sites so that you can also improve your search engine positions.” says Sean Champion, a Vancouver web designer.

Sean adds “You can always use videos as a way to get white hat links too. We use them all of the time in our Vancouver SEO agency.”

Finally, if you want to use something that is a completely white hat though it may be a little more difficult, is to post on forums that are related to what you are talking about. This is not about blasting forum links on little-known websites that have forums designed to generate thousands of backlinks, but actually developing a conversation with others at different forums and posting links in your conversation, as well as your signature file, so that you can take advantage of what may be a very high PR link.

These are just a few of the strategies that you can use if you want to do complete white hat backlinking. It is also possible to use videos in the same way, posting a link in your description that is pointing back to your website, although you may not benefit from so-called link juice because most of them are no-follow links. It’s still a great way to get exposure, and will add to the overall links that you have which can also help your ranking. These strategies are going to help you more than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for unscrupulous individuals to blast links all over the web, and will likely be there for a long time to come helping you maintain your search engine positioning.

5 SEO Blogs You Should Read Today

Moz SEO blog

If there is something that every search engine optimization specialist understands is that you must stay on top of the information that you have which is helping you stay on top of the search engine rankings. It is by looking at what other people are saying, and implementing the techniques that they are using right now, that you can stay ahead of the game. Google does everything that it can to make sure that people cannot gain their system, and as a result of that, people have become much smarter.

According do William Black, an SEO specialist in Edmonton “There is always a way to achieve top rankings, and one of the easiest ways to gather this information that will work is to look at SEO blogs.”

5 SEO Blogs That You Need To Read

Although you could probably find hundreds of blogs that are addressing search engine optimization, there are only five that you should frequent regularly. These are blogs that are updated by actual experts that are using the tips that they provide, and the owners of the sites are very wise when it comes to SEO today. The five that you should visit include MOZ, Jeff Bullas, Quick Sprout, Daily Blog Tips, and Top Rank Blog to name a few. There is one other that has been around for probably longer than any of them that you should also consider which is called Search Engine Land. The combination of all of this information will lead you to make the best decisions for your website so that you can rank high for keywords that are profitable.

William adds more about what they do at his Edmonton search engine optimization agency “Once you get in the habit of implementing the tips that they provide and monitoring your results, you will quickly become just as good as these experts using the strategies that they implement every day.”

Now that you have a better idea of what blogs to look at, ones that specifically deal with SEO, you will be on your way to making the best choices when it comes to positioning your website at the top of the search engine rankings for profitable keywords that can help your business earn money. Just be sure to check back every few days as the algorithms can change regularly, and these experts will know exactly what to do. Updates are very common, and as long as you are consistent with implementing the strategies, and learning the new ones that come out, you can begin to be more profitable with your websites by driving targeted traffic with the search engines.